In 1965, Yiğit Merchandising with the leadership of Yaşar Yiğit was founded in Çarşamba in order to market and sell iron and construction products. In 1970, the company took the title of Yiğit Trade Coll. Co. by starting the sales and marketing of galvanized sheets, pipe, and profile products in Samsun. Yiğit Trade Coll. Co. has been exporting globally since 1998 and has carried on its services and activities flawlessly. As a result of internal restructuring, in order to meet new demands and to provide better and faster service to its new and existing customers, Yiğit Profile Sheet Iron Pipe Ind. & Trade Ltd. Co. was created in 2007. By maintaining a close relationship with the development of technology, developing continuously through adapting to innovations, providing excellent customer service, while maintaining a high standard of quality, Yiğit Profile Sheet Iron Pipe Ind. and Trade Ltd. Co., aims to broaden its corporate identity and become a leader of its industrial sector.

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